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About Riot.House

Riot.House is a full-service creative alliance based in New York City and Venice, CA. Their work is guided by their story telling focus and collaborative process, helping brands, artists, and non profits achieve success. They specialize in experiential design, digital strategy, and film and new media production. In 2012, along with the Global Poverty Project and Hugh Evans, they co-created Global Citizen and executive produce the annual Global Citizen Festival.

About Riot.House & Global Citizen

We’re fascinated by how much artists influence their fans' behavior and love working with them to promote social change through story telling and technology. We met Hugh Evans in 2000 at Columbia University where he was speaking. His speech was beyond inspiring and we truly believed in his theory of building a movement to fight poverty. We pitched him a music festival in Central Park aligned with the UN’s MDG's and developed the festival to be the catalyst for people to log on and take actions.