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About Motsepe Foundation

The Motsepe Foundation is dedicated to improving the social & economic life of communities & aims to uplift them by nurturing potential & promoting education and better health. The overall mission of the foundation is to improve social and economic life of communities & uplift them by nurturing potential and promoting education and better health. The foundation envisions a nation where everyone reaches their potential & ultimately contributes to the build of the nation and the African Continent.

About Motsepe Foundation & Global Citizen

The Motsepe Foundation is a NPO started in 1999 by Mr Patrice Motsepe & cofounder Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe. The Foundation is committed to the upliftment of the poor & marginalized people, through projects and initiatives that assist its beneficiaries to become self-sustaining & independent. The Foundation has over many years initiated and supported projects in education, the provision of skills & expertise, health, research on HIV/AIDS, partnerships with religious & faith based organization.