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About Kangu

Kangu, a 501(c)3, works to ensure every woman and her newborn has a safe birth. Our community has funded 700+ safe births to date, in Burundi, Bolivia, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Mexico, Nepal and Uganda, with the goal of reaching 1,000 by the end of 2015. Users give $10+ to a pregnant woman in need's (we call them "mamas") safe birth, which are directed to the patient’s local healthcare provider, expanding access to high-quality, respectful care and strengthening local facilities.

About Kangu & Global Citizen

We believe that every woman and newborn has the right to a safe birth. Over 90% of the 800 maternal and 20,000 newborn deaths occurring each day are preventable with access to healthcare services. Kangu’s platform shares the stories of specific woman in need (we call them "mamas"), who can be spared the uncertainty of whether they, or their baby, will survive childbirth. In partnership with Global Citizen, Kangu will bring you mama’s unique and amazing stories to share with your networks.


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