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About Clearly

Clearly is a global campaign aiming to bring clear vision to the 2.5B people worldwide denied it as quickly as possible. Clearly was founded by the philanthropist, James Chen and focuses on: - campaigning to educate the public and world leaders by raising the profile of the issue - spreading best practice that helps make sight tests and cheap glasses available to all in different sectors and countries - connecting people committed to tackling this issue so we can all be a catalyst for change.

About Clearly & Global Citizen

We partnered with Global Citizen because of our shared commitment to ending poverty and delivering the SDGs. Poor vision is the largest unmet disability in the world today. A third of the world’s population, suffers from poor vision because they don’t have access to a simple pair of glasses. Clearly believes clear vision is the golden thread that will help the world reduce poverty, and deliver quality education, decent work and gender equality - all vital Sustainable Development Goals.

Issues that matter to Clearly