The Powering the Movement Podcast

Powering the Movement

Powering the Movement: A Global Citizen Podcast tells the human stories behind the activists fighting to change the world. Join us as we introduce you to young activists and leaders dedicating their lives to ending extreme poverty and using their passion, experience, and energy to solve some of society’s most pressing problems. Our inaugural five-part season tells the human stories behind these activists fighting to change the world — and how you can rise up and take action with Global Citizen.

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Episode 1: Nashin Mahtani

Saving the World’s Fastest Sinking City

Nashin Mahtani, 28, created a crowd-sourced map that can save lives during extreme weather events in Jakarta. Her organization, which shares and verifies crucial information to users in Indonesia’s rapidly urbanizing mega-city, also known as the “fastest sinking” city in the world. We join Nashin on the ground, where she shows us the links between climate change, poverty, and how her organization leverages social media and community to save lives.

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Episode 2: Priya Prakash

Preventing Disease in India, One School Kid at a Time

Priya Prakash, 28, struggled with her own health issues as a young person. This inspired her to start HealthSetGo, an organization bringing quality health care, checkups, and hygiene tips to India’s children where they are — in their schools. In a country with extremely high rates of cancer, diabetes, and obesity, HealthSetGo is the first opportunity many kids have to see a doctor, making it key to diagnosing and preventing diseases across India.

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Episode 3: Alain Nteff

Texting to Save Mothers' and Babies' Lives in Cameroon

In Cameroon, something as simple as a text message can mean the difference between life or death during a pregnancy. That’s why Alain Nteff, 27, started GiftedMom, a social enterprise that connects 200,000 expecting mothers to medical care and information through a text message service, mobile app, and more. Alain explains why GiftedMom can make a world of difference, especially in poor, rural regions where the nearest hospital is hours away.

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Episode 4: Haroon Yasin

How Video Games Are Helping Kids Stay in School in Pakistan

Growing up in Pakistan, Haroon Yasin, 27, felt like a stranger in classrooms. And in Islamabad’s slums, where inequality and poverty are widespread, he saw children who feel the same way today. So he founded Orenda, a company that takes the national curriculum and converts it into an engaging app called Taleemabad, bringing education — a basic human right — to 130,000 kids who might not have traditional opportunities to learn.

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Episode 5: Luisa Bonin

Helping Brazil’s Entrepreneurs Support Their Families

Brazil has 45 million micro-entrepreneurs — business owners operating outside the formal economy. Enter Luisa Bonin, 29, the co-founder of Tamo Junto, which means “We Are Together.” Her organization offers practical and engaging resources to micro-entrepreneurs, especially women of color, and connects them to resources that help them formalize their businesses, find economic growth, and, as a result, support their families in some of the country’s poorest areas.

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