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Global Citizen

A concert to end AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Global Citizen?

We are a social action platform for a global generation that wants to solve the world’s biggest challenges. On our platform you can learn about issues, take action on what matters most and join a community committed to social change.

We believe we can end extreme poverty by 2030, because of the collective actions of global citizens across the world.

What is the Global Fund?

The Global Fund is a partnership between governments, civil society, and the private sector  designed to accelerate the end of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria as epidemics. The Global Fund is a financing institution that raises and invests nearly US$4 billion a year to support programs in countries and communities in need.

What is the event?

Global Citizen will host a unique concert in celebration of Canada’s commitment to international aid and to Global Fund. In true Global Citizen style, entry must be earned by fans who take action on Global Citizen’s social action platform to support global health and to end AIDS, TB, and malaria.

When and where is the Global Citizen: a Concert to end AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria?

The concert is taking place on September 17th, at the Bell Centre in Montréal, Quebec.

Who are the artists involved in this year’s Concert?

The artist lineup includes Usher, Metric, Grimes, Half Moon Run, and Charlotte Cardin, with Canadian hosts Maripier Morin, George Stroumboulopoulos, and Patrick Langlois. More special guests to be announced!

How will this initiative change the world?

Global Citizen: a Concert to end HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria both celebrates Canada’s commitments to global health and development, and aims to raise the consciousness of a generation to make change inevitable. It’s an incredible tool to promote activism through something people love – live musical entertainment – and in turn, give our world leaders a clear and compelling mandate to commit to ending extreme poverty by 2030.


How do users win tickets through their participation?

Users win tickets to the concert through taking action to support global health and development. You can must complete 5 actions. After completing the actions, you will be prompted to become a Global Citizen. Following that, you can enter the draw for concert tickets. There will be 2 draws to announce ticket winners on September 8 & September 13. Winners will be informed via email when the draw is made.

Do I have to register on Global Citizen to win tickets and receive rewards?

Yes, you have to register on to be eligible for rewards.

What if I do not have a Twitter account? How do I take the tweet actions?

You will have to set up a twitter account in order to take the tweet actions.

Head over to and sign up for a free twitter account. Afterwards, you’ll be ready and able to take tweet actions.

How do I take the call action?

You will have to take the call action from your cell phone. To do this, you’ll need to login to on your phone and take the action from there.

What if the voice mailbox is full? Do I have to take the action again?

Yes! Your action won’t count unless you are able to complete the action. We suggest you try the action later.

How many tickets can I win?

Each winner will receive a pair of tickets.

How does a user enter the draw and when will they find out if they’ve won?

Entering the ticket draw is easy. All you have to do is take all the campaign actions and then enter the draw. Winners will be informed via email when the draw is held.


Is it just like another Live Aid?

This is not a typical fundraising gig -  you can’t buy your place at this event. We don’t ask for your money, because what we need is your voice. The only way to win your ticket is to take action.

What impact does Global Citizen have?

To learn more about our impact, visit: .

What is extreme poverty?

According to the latest figures from the World Bank, extreme poverty is defined as living on less than $1.75 CAD a day. 702 million people are currently living in extreme poverty around the world.

How can I make a difference?

The first step it to become a global citizen and start taking action. Join the movement here:

My question isn’t here. Who can I contact?

If you’re having trouble taking action or have any further questions, please contact us at .


What are the Bell Centre Regulations?

Because we are expecting a large number of fans, build in extra time for getting into the venue. The Bell Centre wants to keep you safe, so expect an electronic search at all guest entrances.

When do doors for the concert open?

Doors will open an hour before the show so there’s enough time to properly screen all guests. Once you have been screened and are inside the Bell Centre, you can’t leave and come back in. Don’t forget anything!

Can I bring a backpack?

To speed up the security screening, bring as few things with you as possible. Purses and handbags are OK, but sports bag, luggage, and backpacks aren’t allowed. We also can’t hold any items for you in  consignment.