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We believe that voting is a cornerstone of democracy and a fundamental right for Americans, and we want to be sure that every eligible voter’s voice is heard in our mid-term and general elections. 

In the 2016 General Election, 100 million eligible Americans did not vote — but as leaders in business, education, and the nonprofit sector, we have the power and the responsibility to change this simply by encouraging our employees to participate in their civic duty.  There are a number of barriers that prevent people from voting, and we believe in doing what we can to remove them.

This year, we are ensuring that our employees have the time off they need to vote and we are committed to providing nonpartisan resources to help them stay informed. It is critical for every eligible voter to check their voter registration status, research the candidates running for office and measures on the ballot, and ultimately, vote. 

We proudly support the Just Vote campaign’s efforts to provide all Americans the tools to use their voice in the 2020 US elections.

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