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Thanks for your interest in contributing to Global Citizen.

We welcome submissions of articles, videos, slideshows or infographics to the site. Once you submit, our editorial team will review and let you know if your contribution has been chosen for publication.

Editorial Guidelines

Global Citizen is proud to publish a wide range of views on the global issues that we're passionate about. We have just a couple of rules that we ask you to stick to in contributing to us:

  • Reflect the values and aspirations of the Global Citizen Manifesto.
  • Be related to international issues and social justice.
  • Be non-discriminatory, non-defamatory, and avoid ad hominem attacks.
  • Engage in the complexity of development, and avoid offering silver bullets.
  • Avoid criticism of partner organisations without allowing them an on-the-record opportunity to respond.

By submitting your content to Global Citizen, you're granting us a non-exlusive licence to use, edit and promote your content. This means that you keep ownership of your work, but we're allowed to use it in full or in part. If we make substantive edits to your work, we'll let you know. If at any time you want to have your work removed from Global Citizen, you just need to let us know.

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