Accelerating Results:
Global Citizen Impact Funds

We’re inviting the world's wealthiest to help more people and the planet faster by donating in a new way.

We’re launching the Global Citizen Impact Funds in partnership with NPX, a series of outcomes funds that will accelerate results toward ending extreme global poverty.

The Funds mobilize capital for five high-impact NGOs with ready-to-scale solutions that can each absorb $25M- $1B+.

We’re asking donors to buy outcomes. 

Donations are released if - and only if – the impact organizations achieve impact.

The pandemic has pushed nearly 100 million people into extreme poverty, making it harder for them to access nutritious food, quality education, clean water, and economic opportunities, while simultaneously making the need for climate action more acute.

Together, these challenges can feel insurmountable, but they’re not.

Solutions already exist.

Global Citizen and NPX selected five distinguished organizations that have spent years innovating, testing, implementing, and refining solutions that work across the sectors of: 

  • Sustainability
  • Food Security
  • Education
  • Health 
  • Equity & justice 
  • Water / WASH

These organizations are ready to deliver measurable results and improve outcomes for millions of people around the world – today.


  • With charity: water, we can improve access to clean water;
  • With the International Rescue Committee (IRC), we can increase literacy rates among the world’s most vulnerable children; 
  • With One Acre Fund, we can improve farmer productivity, food security, plant millions of trees to sequester carbon, and increase farmer incomes; 
  • With Brac, we can permanently lift marginalized women out of extreme poverty;
  • With Global Fund, we can expand life-saving testing and treatment for malaria and other febrile illnesses.

To scale our impact and accelerate results

toward ending extreme global poverty, we have launched and designed the Global Citizen Impact Funds which ensure transparent, measurable, and accountable impact for donors, impact investors, and civil society.  

Impact funds are collaborative donation funds that release your donations after impact is achieved and independently verified. 

These outcomes funds inject unprecedented incentives and transparency into the system.

The way you fund impact organizations determines what's possible. This new way allows organizations to: 

  1. Mobilize more funding faster
  2. Design and implement more ambitious plans
  3. Operate efficiently with the flexibility to learn, adapt, and change​​​​​​

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