At Global Poverty Project, we believe in transparency to our supporters as much as we believe in transparent systems for the world’s poor. In this section you will find a range of documents for people interested in finding out more about us and our approach.

Governance Structures

Global Poverty Project is governed by a Global Board, supported by country boards and advisory committees. The Global Board approves strategy goals, plans and budgets and ensures country consistency.  Additionally, the Global Board approves policies and ensures robust compliance systems are in place. The board meets at least six times a year and operates in line with our Governance Policy and Global Board Charter. Country Boards meet at least quarterly, and operate in line with our Governance Policy and our Country Board Charter.

Global Poverty Project consists of the following legal entities, with the following board members:

  • Parent Entity: Global Poverty Project, Inc. Registered 501(c)(3), EIN: 42-1772557. Board members: Peter Murphy (chairperson), Michael Anders, Chris Anderson, Nicole Bates, Jay Brown, Arianna Huffington, Paul Hurley, Tom Jones, Randall Lane, Jane Rosenthal, Chris Stadler, Hugh Evans (ex officio).
  • United Kingdom: Global Poverty Project UK. Registered Charity in England & Wales #1137815. Board members: John Reid (chairperson), Philippe Vogeleer, Patty O’Hayer, Charles Harper.
  • Canada: Global Poverty Project Canada. Martha Rogers, Tony Chapman, Paul Koidis, Hugh Evans (ex officio).
  • Australia: Global Poverty Project, Ltd. Board members: Michael Smellie (chairperson), Ian Allen, Trish Daley, Hugh Evans (ex officio).

Global Poverty Project is directed by our Global Leadership Team, who develop our organisational strategy and its implementation, meeting monthly throughout the year. More information about our people here.

The Global Leadership Team is supported by two advisory committees, Business Development and Global Citizen Tickets.

Our annual reviews
Our financial accounts

Global/United States (Global Poverty Project, Inc)

United Kingdom (Global Poverty Project UK Ltd)

Australia (Global Poverty Project Ltd)