Statement from Global Citizen re: the 2023 Australian Federal Budget

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

“While we want to applaud the increase of Australia’s Official Development Assistance budget to $4.77 billion, and its provisions toward urgent needs in the Pacific, investments in gender equity, humanitarian relief, and climate resilience and mitigation, we remain aware that this new budget sets Australia up to be one of the least generous developed nations in the world.

We want to commend the Albanese Government’s commitment to putting Australia’s development programs on a more secure and predictable fiscal footing with year-on-year growth, yet we recognise that most promised increases are forward estimates for future increases, rather than immediate funding. 

We hope to continue working with the Australian government to improve future budgets, and to rise to the many challenges facing our Pacific neighbours and our planet.”

— Michael Sheldrick, Chief Policy, Impact, and Government Relations Officer, Global Citizen