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Pearl Jam and Beyonce cover "Redemption song" at 2015 Global Citizen Festival

Source- Wikimedia Commons--Jasonbook99

Ten years ago, Nelson Mandela delivered a powerful speech that global citizens today call “Make Poverty History.” He spoke to 22,000 people in Trafalgar Square in London. Mandala’s cry to end poverty gained traction across the world. Today global citizens are sending a message loud and clear to world leaders that they will not idly sit by and let another decade pass by without ending poverty.

Nelson Mandela’s speech is relevant today, but here’s why it’s even more significant this instant.

This speech was projected behind Pearl Jam and Beyonce as they sang a cover of Bob Marley's Redemption song. 

“Redemption” song written by Bob Marley is number 66 of Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Songs of all time. The acoustics are beautiful and the song has inspired global citizens to take action and right the wrongs of the past along to improve the future since it’s release in 1980.  

The cover of this song happening now at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival and it’s incredible! Pearl Jam and Beyoncé are jammin out and carrying the messages of global citizens from all over the world to “make poverty history.”

So, “won’t you help sing, these songs of freedom?” and share your voice to end poverty. 

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