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Food & Hunger

You can help end hunger by… eating?

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Can we agree on a couple of things as global citizens?

Our generation loves food, and our generation wants to make a difference. 

We, Millennials are self-proclaimed foodies and food truck connoisseurs. We spend our meal times standing on chairs to capture what we’re eating and our spare time searching for #bacongrams. We love food, amirite?

ending_hunger_2.jpgSee, it's a thing.
Image: Credit: Instagram

We also love this idea of altruism. We know the world needs help, and we’re dead-set on following our passions to help it. And occasionally, we selfie while we do it. 

Well – this is the part where you get more excited than a preteen at a 1D meet-and-greet – what if I told you there was a way to combine these passions?

What if I told you that ‘gramming your pristinely plated pesto chicken or getting a close-up on a made-from-scratch Pinterest recipe could help end world hunger?

ending hunger 5.jpegLet’s hope your Pinterest attempt does not turn out this way.
Image: Credit: Instagram @pinterest_fails23

Would you feel happier than a hipster in a skinny jeans store?

Brace yourself: there is a way.

World Food Day is October 16, and we want to celebrate everything we love about food – how it brings people together & fosters community around the table – and we want to end hunger while we celebrate. 

Here’s what to do: 

1. Host a dinner party with all your friends on World Food Day and celebrate your favorite meal together. Any meal, any theme, any time of the day. It’s your party; you can eat what you want to.

2. Eat and Instagram your heart out. Delight in all that food represents. Sip, savor, ‘stagram, repeat.

3. Use our handy-dandy Party Planning Pack to use your party as an opportunity to a) be super cool and informed, and b) educate yourselves and your guests on fighting for a hunger-free world.

You could do something like this…

ending hunger 1.jpegImage: Alex | Credit: Instagram @alexherbig

Or this…

ending hunger 3.jpegImage: Paul | Instagram @paulnewnham

Even this! 

Ending hunger 4.jpegImage: Penny | Photo: Alex Herbig

No matter how you decide to throw your party, join us on World Food Day to celebrate food and end hunger, all at once. 

And by all means, give us your best #bacongram. Check out to get started.

Go to TAKE ACTION NOW and help end hunger by hosting a #HungerFree Double-Up Dinner between now and World Food Day on October 16th. Sign up to learn how.