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Yeah, I run LikeAGirl... And it's a good thing

Let’s be real. When someone says, "You (insert verb of your choice) like a girl," do you take it as a compliment? My bet is, no.

It’s a sad reality, but the description "like a girl" has negative connotations. Doing anything "like a girl," particularly in sports and other physical activity, has long been used as the ultimate putdown.

For myself, I remember grade school bullying between boys and girls during gym class. “You’re doing it like a girl,” was a critique nobody wanted to hear connected to their athletic ability, and it was unusual for adults to challenge the notion that being "like a girl" was not synonymous with poor performance.

So, I am the ultimate cheerleader for, Always' - the Feminine hygiene brand -  #LikeAGirl. Always' new campaign promoting female empowerment aired during last nights Super Bowl (Go Patriots! Whoo!) and was definately my favorite advertisement. The ad opened with the director of the shoot asking men and women of different ages what it looked like, "to run and fight like a girl." The results were troubling – participants skipped with hands limp at their sides, giggled, and weakly jabbed the air.

That is, until the advertisers brought in young girls who ran, danced, threw, and punched with strength and confidence. The #LikeAGirl campaign in an postive effort to help redefine the phrase "like a girl." As the young ladies in the ad show, gender doesn't have anything to do with power and athletic agility.

Always is using the #LikeAGirl platform to ask the question, "why is being 'like a girl' a negative?" In the fight for gender equality, it’s important to give girls and women the confidence of knowing that being "#LikeAGirl" is an amazing thing. By taking this messaging to a larger stage, such as the Super Bowl, even more people can join the rallying cry to support female empowerment and confidence. I, for one, believe this is worth shouting, "Rah, rah, rah!" for!

While equality for all is deeply important, it’s critical that we, as global citizens, take a hard look at sexism and discrimination towards women. It’s not just about acknowledging gender-based violence, but also about understanding the daily microaggressions directed at women. As for me, as a women, feminist, and gender-rights activist, say I’m like a girl, and I will respond, "Yep. I’m an adult woman, and proud of it."

To protect the rights of Girls and Women around the world, sign the petition in TAKE ACTION NOW.