For the first time ever, the main event of WrestleMania will feature all women, the World Wrestling Entertainment — better known as WWE — announced on March 25

The Raw Women’s Championship Match will see Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch face off in a historic match.

And wrestling fans couldn’t be more excited.

Rousey, an Olympic gold medalist and former Ultimate Fighting Champion, hopes that enthusiasm will translate to success for the event.

“It needs to do extremely well in pay-per-view buys. I mean, I want it to be the best ever, because we need the women headlining WrestleMania to not be an isolated event,” she said in a recent vlog. “We need it to be proof that this works.”

Over the past few years, WWE has worked hard to improve gender equality within the sport and to shine the spotlight on its female athletes.

The company renamed its female league — formerly called the Divas Division — as “the Women’s Division” and announced a new women’s championship title in 2016, HuffPost reported. And last year it held its first pay-per-view event featuring all-female athletes called Evolution, which was attended by a sold-out crowd, according to WWE.

Gender inequality is widespread in sports, from double standards to large disparities in wages to outright sexism. But efforts like these aim to empower women both through greater representation in the industry and by showing young girls everywhere that they can do anything they want to.


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All-Female Match Will Be WrestleMania’s Main Event for the First Time Ever — and Fans Are Thrilled