WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair is leading by example by using her platform to showcase female strength in a historically male-dominated sport.

Flair was first inspired to take up wrestling by the men in her life.  

“My little brother inspired me to begin wrestling,” she told Global Citizen. “Now I continue to live his dream and continue my father’s legacy.” 

For the 10-time WWE Women’s Champion, being a woman in wrestling means being committed to supporting other female athletes and championing women’s strength. 

“It means that I get to use my platform to promote strength and confidence in what was once considered a male-dominated world. Regardless of gender, female athletes are Superstars. [It means] having the opportunity to change the game for women in wrestling,” Flair said. 

While Flair’s field focuses predominantly on outer strength, she notes that inner strength is equally as important in the world of sports entertainment. 

“Your inner dialogue in believing you are a queen, playing off crowd reactions and giving off an emotional response is very much inner strength,” she said. “Your outer strength is only as strong as your inner strength and believing in yourself.”

Flair, who feels most powerful in her wrestling boots, wants women and girls to empower each other by uplifting one another and working together. 

“Instead of competing with one another in an unhealthy way, work together to create change,” she said. “Being yourself is your superpower and not trying to be like everyone else. It will take all girls and women working together and fixing each other’s crowns.”

Flair noted that her biggest female heroes are her friends and the women she chooses to surround herself with. While the Queen has earned many professional accolades for her talent and aptitude, she said that she loves being a role model for young women most of all. 

“It’s the best part of my job knowing that I can influence the future and help pave the way for younger generations by leading by example,” Flair said. 

Knowing what she knows now, Flair would tell her younger self to be her authentic self and find something she’s passionate about. As a role model, the powerful athlete wants her fans to heed this advice as well. 


Demand Equity

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Wants Women to Work Together to Create Change

By Catherine Caruso