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A Record-Breaking Number of Women Are Running for Congress This Year

A woman’s place is in the House...of Representatives. According to the Associated Press, a record-breaking number of women are running for seats in the House.

After analyzing data from the last 26 years, the AP found that more women have filed candidacy papers than ever before — and there may still be more to come. So far, 309 women from both major parties have filed for candidacy; however, in more than 25 states the filing period is not over yet.

Earlier this year, The Cut reported that 390 women were planning to run in the House midterm elections, so the number is likely to increase. Previously, the highest number of women to run for Representative seats was 298 in 2012.

There is also a historic number of Native American women running for elected office this year, the New York Times reported, giving hope that this might be the year the US elects its first Native American congresswoman.

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For many of the candidates, mostly Democratic women, President Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton — who would have been the first female president in US history — served as the impetus to run for office.

While the number of women in the running this year is certainly cause for celebration, female candidates are still outnumbered by male candidates in the race, according to the AP. Last year, women accounted for 19% of Congress, with 83 seats in the House and 21 in the Senate — also a historical high for women’s representation in the US government, the Week reported.

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But with more female hopefuls in the running, Congress may be poised to set a new record this election cycle.

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