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Female Candidates Dominated Tuesday's Primaries in These Four States

The results of Tuesday’s primary elections prove once and for all that a woman’s place is in the House...of Representatives.

More than 60% of the female candidates running for office in Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia won their primary bids for office on May 8, according to data from Gender Watch 2018. The women whose bids were successful will account for one-third of the major party nominees for the House from these four states in the fall.

Of the 27 successful female candidates, eight are black women, though no other female candidates of color will appear on the ballots in any of the four states this fall. This week’s winning candidates join 20 women from states like Arizona, California, and Maryland who won primary elections held earlier this year.

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Women won 50% of the major party nominations for seats in the House in West Virginia, which currently has three male representatives. And though that means they have a chance at a seat at the table, it remains to be seen whether or not women in the “Mountain State” will have a seat in the House.

Occupying just 84 of 435 seats, women currently make up less than 20% of the House, but that could soon change.

Across the country, more women are running for Congress than ever before. So far, 385 women have filed candidacy papers for races in the House; however, the filing period in several states is not over yet, and it is predicted that another 86 women will file.

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If all the women expected to join races ultimately file, the total number of women running for representative seats this year will beat the previous record of 298 in 2012 by more than 50%. Despite this major win for women in politics, male candidates in House seat races still outnumber female candidates, the Associated Press reported.

Still, with so many women in the running, Congress could be poised to make history this election cycle.

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