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Women are singing out for climate action

I'm calling it now: there's a new contender for the Australian national anthem.

A super-group of beloved Australian female artists have collaborated with the Australian women’s climate movement, 1 Million Women, to make a noise – and make it clear.

You’re the Voice – a song that practically hums through the veins of Australians – was the perfect choice when 1 Million Women’s founder, Natalie Isaacs, set out to record an anthem for global action ahead of the Paris Climate Change Summit (COP21).

The result is nothing short of hair-raisingly powerful. Voices that have been with us for decades – Deni Hines and Wendy Matthews – join star of stage and screen Ursula Yovich (The Sapphires) and multi-Golden Guitar winner Melinda Schneider in harmony with some very talented new kids on the block from St Vincent's Girls Choir.

"The goal is for this song to be an anthem for global action, a very emotional challenge to world leaders delivered from women at this very moment when the Paris conference is on," says Isaacs.

Making a fitting debut last weekend as 130,000 Australians joined People’s Climate Marches across the country, the song carries the voices of all global citizens who aren’t “gonna sit in silence" to be heard by leaders in Paris, urging them to prevent dangerous global warming.

Enough from me, you’ve got to see this – look out for cameos from Claudia Karvan (The Secret Life of Us), Darby, Kiribati climate super-advocate Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang, plus a future Prime Minister at the end – and don’t forget to add your name to the campaign!