I must admit, while growing up I was never a huge fan of soccersorry, that’s “football” for most of you. Between living in the US and going through a traumatic soccer experience at the age of 4 (I accidentally scored a goal for the other team), I never had a reason to follow it.

However, living in Buenos Aires for 8 months certainly changed all that. I was fortunate enough to be there during the World Cup, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I became a total fairweather fan. Although, my loyalty to Argentina will never fadeMessi will forever be my hero. As I cheered for him alongside tens of thousands of other fans in Plaza San Martín during the final game between Germany and Argentina, I knew there was no turning back.

Combine this experience with the US victory in the Women’s World Cup final, and you have yourself a bonafide soccer lover.

But this, my friends, might be icing on the cake.

That’s Gareth Bale attempting to make a penalty shot after quickly spinning around a soccer ball 13 times, and it’s HILARIOUS. I actually laughed out loud at my desk.

The challenge is part of a campaign by The Global Goals, which aims to raise awareness of the 17 sustainable development goals, a set of objectives for ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and fixing climate change. 

On September 25th, world leaders will formally commit themselves to these goals.

But the world can’t leave it to governments to achieve these ambitious goals alone. In order for the goals to be successful, everyone needs to know about them. In other words, if the goals become famous, they won’t be forgotten. 

This #dizzygoals campaign might just do the trick.

Bale’s video has already sparked a lot of attention on social media. Fellow soccer players around the world are attempting their #dizzygoals in the name of ending poverty.

When you’re finished giggling in your chair, support the campaign by sharing your favorite videos with your friends. Or put your #dizzygoals video on Facebook or Twitter!

If the Global Goals are going to be famous, why can’t you be too?

You can also go to TAKE ACTION NOW to call on world leaders to make robust commitments to these Global Goals. 


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Why you should be watching soccer players try to make #dizzygoals

By Caryn Carver