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Why do you believe in Health for All?

Olympia Wereko-Brobby / Wikimedia Commons

Why do you believe in health for all? Maybe your local nurses provided amazing care for a family member when they were sick, and you want others to receive a similar quality of care? Perhaps you have witnessed what life is like for those who cannot access healthcare in a developing country and you believe everyone should have access to healthcare? To get people talking about health and why it’s important to them, we want you to record a short video message about why you believe in Health for All to launch the campaign.


Below is an easy 5-step guide that you can follow to help make your Health for All video as punchy and powerful as possible.

1) Why do you believe in health for all?

People believe in Health for All for lots of different reasons. From life-changing surgery after an accident to a firsthand experience of what life is like for people who don’t have access to free healthcare, everyone has a different story or personal experience that reminds them why health for all is important to them. Its up to you to decide how to deliver your message, but we would suggest starting with ‘My name is [insert name] from [insert city/town] and I believe in Health for all because……’ and keep it to around 30 seconds if possible. If you are struggling for ideas for your message and need some inspiration, check out some of the Health for All videos from the RESULTS team on the Health for All webpage. We will keep adding more videos to the webpage throughout the campaign as and when we receive them so keep checking the page to see the latest posts.

2) Record your video

Before recording your video, practice delivering your message to a friend and family message or mock-up so auto cues so you stay on track and keep to time. When you’re happy, record your message with a phone or video camera using a selfie stick or find someone to record the video for you. Don’t worry too much about the quality of the video – it’s about the message you are delivering, not creating a visual masterpiece (although if you can do both, great!). Finally, remember to look into the camera and speak clearly, slowly and passionately. The best video messages will be those that manage to draw the viewer in and are easy to understand.

3) Send your video to us

Once you have your recorded your video, please email it over to Tom at and Emily at so we can share it on our website, twitter and Facebook page. By the end of the campaign, we want to cut all your Health for All messages into one video that we will share with MPs and decision makers in Parliament to demonstrate the UK-wide support for the campaign and to encourage them to take action.

4) Share it on social media!

Sharing your video on social media is probably the best way to ensure as many people as possible see your Health for All message. Remember to include the campaign hashtag #HealthforAll in your tweets and Facebook posts so we can see them and share them across RESULTS social media channels. If you don’t have twitter or Facebook, let us know and we will share them from the RESULTS account.

5) Spread the word!

When you post your video on social media, remembers to tag your friends and family in your messages and encourage them to record a video as well. You could even have a competition in your group to see who can get the most people to record a Health for All video and give a prize to the winner.