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Water & Sanitation

Why are toilets so important?

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2.5 billion people - almost two fifths of the world's population - do not have access to adequate sanitation. Find out why clean toilets are important:

1. Properly disposing of human waste prevents water supplies, food and peoples' hands from becoming contaminated. This kitty hates human waste.

2. Widespread access to toilets can help increase GDP by 7.2%... He got a little too excited about it.

3. Access to private toilets help keep children in school and out of trouble.

4. Every dollar invested in sanitation saves $7 in health costs and productivity. Babette the bunny is furiously looking for her checkbook.

Imagine this: our toilets have been taken away. You get sick, your friends and family get sick, and some even die due to poor sanitation. For 2.5 billion people worldwide, this happens every day.