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Girls & Women

Which Oscar nominee can you get to #PledgeForParity at this Sunday's Academy Awards?

This year’s Oscar nominees have proven their talent on the big screen.

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But behind the scenes, these same women are often earning less money than men in similar roles.

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Of course, this isn’t just a Hollywood problem. 

Women are underpaid and underrepresented in most industries around the world. And if nothing changes, women and men won’t receive equal pay until 2133.

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No one has time for that...

Several inspiring women in Hollywood have already used their visibility to spark public debates on this issue.

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But in order to move from talk to purposeful action, more influential men and women need to use their voices for the millions of women who continue to go unheard.

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1 billion people are expected to tune in to this year’s Academy Awards.

This is the perfect opportunity for more celebrities to spotlight the issue of gender parity: To champion women the world over who struggle to support themselves and their families.

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Now, it’s time to use your voice.

Tweet at this year’s Oscar nominees and convince them to #PledgeForParity this Oscar Sunday!

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