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What will you #showyourselfie for?

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Last Thursday I had an exceptional day. As I drank my coffee and enjoyed my breakfast, I was sitting next to the likes of the United Nations Population Fund Executive Director Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin and the Prime Minister Mark Rutte from the Netherlands.

The occasion? I joined UN youth delegates from all over the world to discuss how we, as young people, want our voices heard loud and clear when world leaders decide the development priorities in 2015 for the next fifteen years (this is known as the post-2015 agenda). The room was buzzing with energy as we spoke about important issues affecting young people -- issues like access to primary, secondary and higher education, job creation, entrepreneurship and employment skills.

Everyone at the youth breakfast was eager to offer their take on these issues and provide solutions to tackle the barriers that hold young people back. We collectively agreed that politicians making the crucial decisions ‘at the table’ must strongly advocate for youth everywhere. This can happen by bridging the gap between closed door, high-level policy and public forums where young people from all walks of life can voice their opinions. Then and only then will the world of tomorrow become inclusive instead of exclusive.

Prime Minister Rutte also offered his own words of wisdom:

“I envision creating a space where meaningful dialogue can take place for the inclusion and participation of young people in decision-making.”

Afterwards, the UN Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawiencouraged everyone to snap their selfie at our very own #showyourselfie photo booth. We were all smiles to support the rights of youth!

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin and youth delegates take their selfie for access to education.

Youth leaders submit their visual petition for youth.

The Youth Envoy snaps a selfie at the photo booth.

Now it’s your turn! Join the movement at and tell us why you care about young people. What will you #showyourselfie for?


Leticia Pfeffer