On September 25th, world leaders will commit to the Global Goals—seventeen ojectives geared toward ending poverty, fighting inequality, and fixing climate change by the year 2030. Think of the Global Goals as humanity's new roadmap to a better world.

Which raises the question: What happened to the old roadmap? What sets these goals apart from the ones they're replacing? 

In this edition of Global Voices, I take a look at what makes the Global Goals different from their predecessors, the Millennium Development Goals. Think of it this way: The MDGs were like a newborn baby, all full of potential but with lots of growing to do. Fifteen years and a whole lot of life experience later, the grown-up Global Goals are designed to build on their success. Watch the video to find out more!

The thing is, for these goals to actually work, everyone—and I mean everyone—needs to 1) know what the Goals are, and 2) hold world leaders accountable for their completion. That's where you come in.

Global Citizen wants YOU to submit a creative take on the Global Goals to help get the word out. Song, poem, photo, whatever! Global Citizen will be posting the best submissions for everyone to see and share. 

Channel your creativity for an incredible cause! Go to TAKE ACTION NOW and email us with your thoughts (or a link to your creative output) to submit your work and help make the Global Goals famous. And if you need inspiration, check out what the guys of TalkFine came up with when we asked them to write a song about the Global Goals: 


Demand Equity

What makes the Global Goals different?

By Hans Glick