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What it's like to follow Coldplay through Latin America for a good cause: Buenos Aires

Global Citizen_Buenos Aires

This article is the second part of a blog series from our events team and incredible volunteers joining Coldplay on the road for the next few weeks as they tour throughout Latin America. Check out the first blog here. 

 This is an interview with Karen Ginestet, age 44, and a Volunteer for Global Citizen at Coldplay's first show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

What surprised you about signing people up to be global citizens?

At first I was afraid to be rejected by the people. I thought they would not be interested to talk about gender equality when they were waiting to get in to see a rock show. I was so wrong! I was surprised that 100% of the people I approached agreed to sign the petition calling for broader gender equality. Some of them seemed to do it just to be kind, such as recognizing the value of the campaign but without getting involved beyond the signing. But others were truly interested in the topic and the organization. Some had vaguely heard of Global Citizen and for others it was the first time. They asked a lot of questions, and then some of them began to tell their personal experiences. I could see that people are interested in combating inequality and that the issue of gender equality is important for many people, not only women.

buenos aires b1.jpgImage: Global Citizen

What did you learn from the people you met?

I learned that people care. We live in a complicated world, we work long hours and when we got home we are so tired and concerned about our future and our family that we have no time to think about other people. But, I could see that when approached by friendly people, willing to explain the importance of gender equality, people relaxed. Theyshowed interest in the subject and the possibility of being part of the solution.

We can achieve goals if we unite and work together I think people are beginning to understand the power that citizens have and the responsibility we have to use it for the good of all people in the world.

FullSizeRender.jpgImage: Global Citizen

Why are you a global citizen?

I am a global citizen because I do not want to be a bystander. I am an active part of the world and every problem, every injustice affects me. I also understand the importance and power citizens have and I think that we need to use it and take action. We need to know the biggest challenges the world faces and start working together on solutions. And I want to be part of that.

GC Coldplay 5.JPGImage: Global Citizen_Buenos Aires

What was your favorite part of the day volunteering with Global Citizen?

My favorite moment was after running in the rain. When we changed our t-shirts and sat, tired but happy, to tell each other how our day had gone. We shared our experiences and anecdotes. And we became a real team at that moment. A group of 10 volunteers who arrived without knowing each other and now we promise to keep in touch and continue to take action on initiatives like yesterday. And for that, I infinitely thank Global Citizen.

Stay tuned for more from Global Citizen's journey in Latin America! Next up Lima, Peru.