Why Global Citizens Should Care
Hundreds of millions of children around the world suffer from hunger, lack of education, and health issues that stem from poverty. World Children’s Day gives you a chance to ensure that children’s  rights are protected. Join us in taking action on this issue here

Around the world, children make up nearly half of the almost 900 million people living on less than US $1.90 a day, according to UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children report. As a result, children often lack access to proper health care and nutrition.

On this World Children's Day, here are 11 ways that you can help be an advocate for children’s rights around the world.

1. Use social media to advocate for children’s issues

Today, join UNICEF by wearing blue and using the hashtag #GoBlue. 

2. Stand up for education access

Image: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose's Photos/Flickr
About 263 million children around the world are unable to attend school. You can call on world leaders to improve access to education here, because all children deserve to go to school.

You can also share the importance of education by showing how a refugee camp is embracing innovative learning. 

3. Build a better environment for kids to grow in

Global Kids youth climate activists outside City Hall in Manhattan after passage of climate change education resolution.
Image: Global Kids/ Caroline Harting

Children around the world are taking action to protect the planet and you can join them. These high school students, for example, worked with the nonprofit Global Kids, Inc. to make climate change education mandatory in New York public schools. They presented their campaign at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Read more about their story here

You can help support them and #Unplastic the planet by taking action here.

4. Ensure that kids have access to clean water and proper sanitation resources

A hygienic environment is essential for children’s health and safety. In South Africa, some schools use pit toilets, which have led to the death of several young students including Michael Komape, 6, and Lumka Mketwa, 5. You can demand that schools in South Africa have safe toilets to improve children’s education and quality of life.

You can also use social media to tell world leaders to prioritize menstrual hygiene in schools, because periods often prevent girls from going to school.

5. Celebrate young activists who are changing the world

These kids show that you’re never too young to change your community. Read their stories here and share them to inspire other young leaders.

6. Give young girls the tools to be the best that they can be

Help the Global Partnership for Education ensure that more young girls can receive an education.

Encourage girls to be more confident and to have a higher self-esteem by joining Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign.

7. Sign UNICEF’s petition to advocate for children’s rights.

Use your voice to encourage world leaders to commit to protecting global child rights by going here.


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7 Ways to Take Action on World Children's Day

By Jerica Deck