Last year, Malala Yousafzai headed to Oslo, Norway, to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for her tireless work promoting the right of children worldwide to an education. She's inspired millions of people to speak out, and as the youngest Nobel laureate in history, she wasn't even 18 years old. 

During the past year, Malala has continued to travel the world, challenging the world's leaders and education ministers to do more, do it faster, and do it better. This week, Malala returned to Oslo, because the city was hosting an event called the Oslo Summit, which brought together national leaders, the head of the United Nations, and a range of experts and guests. The topic on the agenda was global education, and Malala's speech to the Summit was fantastic. Watch it above!

Here are some highlights from the speech, to whet your appetite:

"Dear sisters and brothers, only 15 years ago, when the world came together to write the Millennium Development Goals, leaders set goals too low. 
The MDGs included the right of a child to primary education only. They remained silent about a child's right to a secondary education, the education they need to succeed in the modern world.
The dream was small, so they achieved small."

"There will be many tests in the coming months and years. One will come next week, when representatives from around the world will meet in Ethiopia to discuss funding of the new development goals. My message is that in these goals, secondary education would be ensured. 
We must take action this year in 2015, we must finance our future now. The issue is not that there is not enough money. The issue is the lack of commitment of our world leaders to invest in education." 

"If the world leaders decide to take one week and a day off from war and military work, we can put every child in school. Weapons are the tools of destruction, it's very simple. A war can never end a war, and there is always loss of lives and destruction involved. 
Books are a better investment in our future than bullets. Books, not bullets, will pave the path towards peace and prosperity."

Very important ideas from a very important young woman. Here on Global Citizen, we'll be covering next week's funding conference in Ethiopia, so check in to get news and updates as they happen.


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Watch Malala's new speech to world leaders in Norway

By Michael Wilson