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Wikimedia: Jeekc

This profile is part of the 2016 Global Citizen March Madness Challenge. The challenge asks you to vote for your favorite global citizens, as we match them up “tournament style” from a “Sweet 16” starting round, all the way down to a champion on April 4th.

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Name:  Jane Goodall

Hometown:  London, UK

Profession:  Conservationist

Issue dvision:  Environment

Quick facts:

  • Her favorite childhood toy was a stuffed chimpanzee named Jubilee
  • She’s a vegetarian
  • She worked as a secretary after high school until she could afford college
  • She has two foundations: The Jane Goodall InstituteRoots & Shoots

Follow her @JaneGoodallInst

Jane Goodall is a soon to be 82-year-old (her birthday is April 3rd) conservationist who continues to work tirelessly to make the planet a better place.

She is best known for the time she spent studying chimpanzees (55 years!). Making incredible strides in discovering the social and family behaviors of primates. She also busted myths like humans are the only animals who can use tools, and that chimpanzees are vegetarians.

Goodall is an advocate for animals and many indigenous communities who are not able to share their voices with the world. “The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves,” she said. 

The Jane Goodall Institute protects 5,000 chimpanzees and 1,490,000 acres of habitat around the world. She advocates for a vegetarian diet for environmental, ethical, and overall health reasons and believes farm animals are “far more aware and intelligent than [humans] ever expected.”

Jane Goodall has been protecting the environment since before (her fellow Issue area competitor) Leo was in diapers (filling up landfills) and even has a few years of wisdom on Pope Francis. She’s one tough woman who passionately embodies Global Goal 13, 14, and 15.

Beyond being a real life role models for young conservationists, she even comes in doll form now thanks to this artist. Read more about it here!

First round match-up

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