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A Message from Germany's Foreign Minister to Global Citizens Around the World

“Together we are strong.”

These are the words of Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who recorded a special message for Global Citizens ahead of the G20 Summit in Hamburg.

With all of the crises happening around the world today, from the war in Syria to migrants drowning in the Mediterranean, or the famine in Yemen, northern Nigeria, and parts of east Africa, it is more important than ever that Global Citizens fight against extreme poverty, for refugees worldwide and for people in need, Gabriel said.

His message comes as thousands of Global Citizens from Germany and around the world are taking action in our campaigns leading up to the G20.

Global Citizens have called on powerful heads of state and their governments not to forget their responsibilities for the world's poorest, and make concrete commitments to help them at the G20 summit. Global Citizens are signing petitions, sending emails, and calling their lawmakers to make their message heard.

As Gabriel said in his videotape, "Only together can we help." 

We must come together and face the challenges of our time. Only in this way can we make real change.

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