There is no shortage of mouth-watering vegan recipes on TikTok. With the swipe of your finger, you can watch a tutorial of how to make seitan at home or learn how to prepare jackfruit from Lizzo

Veganism is one of the latest measures people are taking to help save the planet. From the environmental impacts of cow farming to agricultural deforestation, cutting down on meat and animal products offers all sorts of benefits

During COVID-19 lockdowns, as people kept to the confines of their homes, there was renewed interest in cooking hobbyists. With all their free time, amateur chefs and bakers found solace in trying out new recipes and perfecting techniques. The extra time at home also led to a boom on social media with video sharing app, TikTok, finding a footing among the crowd of stay-at-homers. 

And while some used their new platform on the app to post rollerskating clips or existentially challenging talking dog videos, vegan chefs found a thriving home for their delicious creations. Videos of celebrities making vegan “steaks” and DIY spicy “chicken” sandwiches went viral and even inspired meat-eaters to take on the challenge.

But whether it’s a simple noodle dish or a Bahn Mi tutorial with a history lesson on colonialization, vegan chefs have found an audience and are here to stay. 

But if you’re not on TikTok, where do you start? Or if you’re on TikTok and the plant-based lifestyle has piqued your interest, who are the essential people to follow?

Here are nine of our favorite vegan chefs to follow on TikTok.

1. Alexis Nikole Nelson, @alexisnikole


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The famous Black forager herself! Alexis Nikole Nelson gained monumental fame through her sing-songy narration, creative recipes, and deep wisdom of botany and edible wild foods. She’s garnered 2 million followers on TikTok and recently earned herself a write-up in the New York Times. Nelson’s foraging brought quarantined netizens out into the world they longed to be a part of and showed how every part of nature around them could be utilized for cooking. 

From making chips out of kelp from the beach to baking cookies from lilacs collected in her neighborhood, Nelson teaches her audience how to get creative with their natural surroundings and follow a diverse vegan diet. We love this 🎵filthy vegan🎵.

2. George Lee, @chez_jorge


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George Lee is a Taiwanese cook revolutionizing vegan Asian cuisine. From milk bread buns to homemade kimchi, Lee is a one-stop-shop for delicious takes on Asian classics. On his page, you can learn how to turn food scraps into a low-waste meal that feels gourmet, or you can turn to one of his handy tutorials and elevate a simple bowl of ramen.

3. Más Vegan, @masvegan


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For Mexican food gone vegan, look no further than @masvegan. Vegan chorizo and potato taquitos, al pastor tacos, and chochoyotes (Mexican dumplings) — if your mouth isn’t watering yet, you haven’t seen what this TikToker can do with plant-based ingredients. Satisfy your vegan Mexican cravings and check out these simple recipes to try at home. 

4. Turnip Vegan, @turnipvegan


Reply to @nabby2necks Vegan Country fried steak hit different! #vegantiktok#foodtiktok#CompleteMyLook

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You may not know what a vegan country fried “steak” tastes like but @turnipvegan will make you want to try it so badly. This vegan TikTok chef shows the decadent side of veganism from scalloped potato pizza to chili mac and cheese. These recipes could inspire any meat-eater to go plant-based for a day. 

5. Kelton Mattingly, @keltonskitchen


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♬ A-O-K - Tai Verdes

Don’t watch Kelton Mattingly’s videos if you’re trying to avoid dissolving into a puddle of drool. From plant-based chocolate malts and fries to biscuits and gravy, the indulgent recipes of @keltonskitchen can be anything from nostalgic to innovative.  

6. Priyanka Naik, @chefpriyanka


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You can trust that this celebrity vegan chef and Food Network champion won’t lead you astray. Priyanka Naik makes anything from boozy vegan smoothies to Thai-inspired quesadillas. Naik also showcases zero-waste recipes to try out for the environmentally conscious viewer. 

7. Papaya Petite, @papayapetite


Banh Mi is cultural resistance. Resilience manifest. #vietnamesehistory#asianhistory#banhmi#colonization#asianculture#vegantiktok#latepost

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TikTok chef Sousada (@papayapetite) is working to veganize classic Asian dishes — and decolonialize taste buds. On this channel you can find vegan thom kha, laab fried chicken,” and quick history lessons on Asian traditions. Check out this video on Báhn mi history and French colonialization.

8. Greens 4 Beans, @greens4beans


It’s always fun to make dumplings at home #BackToGym#dumplings#PullYourselfTogether#makeitviral#dontletthisflop#how2music

♬ STAY - The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

Part travel blog, part vegan recipes and restaurant guide, @greens4beans does it all. If it weren’t enough to make your mouth water, this Portuguese TikToker will also give you serious travel envy. From vegan takes on Portuguese rissóis to making tofu skewers on European mountaintops, these recipes will inspire the adventurer in you.

9. Joanne L. Molinaro, @thekoreanvegan



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If you’re on TikTok already, you’ve probably seen one of Joanne L. Molinaro’s videos before — or at least heard her voice. With 2.6 million followers, @thekoreanvegan gained her following through heartfelt narrations and unique vegan recipes. 

Voicing over the cooking process of kimchi soondooboo, Molinaro will bring tears to your eyes with her story of generational trauma. Through her gentle narration, Molinaro speaks openly about divorce, family, and mental health while delivering wonderfully warm vegan recipes.

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9 Vegan Chefs on TikTok You Should Follow Right Now

By Kate Nakamura