Polio has been ruining lives for too long, and the major international effort to eradicate it over the past couple of decades has been VERY effective. The disease is almost gone, but it's crucial that we finish the job and wipe it out for good. Stopping now would be like putting locks on all your windows, and leaving your front door wide open. 

But that's enough of me, The Simpsons can explain the rest!

1. Did you know that over 99% of polio has been wiped out across the world?

2. Not bad considering it’s been around pretty much forever. It’s that old, there are even ancient Egyptian carvings showing people suffering from the effect of polio.

3. Now is not the time to hide away from our responsibility- there is still the last bit of the disease to wipe out.

4. Because people are still suffering around the world. Whilst there is even just one case left, all children are at risk.

5. It’s ok though, the world is trying to tackle this. There is an international effort by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to end polio by 2018. It goes to show you the power of vaccinations and what can happen when the world comes together to fight diseases.

6. We’re tackling polio, but there are also other killers out there, some really nasty diseases, and we need your help to tackle them.

7.Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is an international organisation that immunises millions of children across the developing world. They are the super heroes amongst the fight to end preventable child deaths vaccinating against diseases like measles, yellow fever and the rotavirus- some of the worlds nastiest killers.

8. Since they started in 2000 they have vaccinated nearly half a billion of children and saved 6 million lives in the process. That’s pretty kickass.

9. To do all of this, they need funding from many different sources - including governments and businesses. Just think, there are worse things to do with money.

10. Since it started, the UK has been one of the major donors of the alliance, helping to save millions of lives. Let’s be honest, we are pretty awesome.

11. However they need a new round of funding for 2016-2020 so they can replenish the vaccine supplies, and reach kids in remote places. The job isn’t finished yet!

12. We want the UK to commit to spending another £1.2billion. This will help fund the alliance up to 2020 so they can continue to help the poorest children in our world. Come on, we know you want the same.

13. Now isn’t the time to sit on our backsides- take action and email the Secretary of State Justine Greening, to tell her that you want the UK to continue to be a leader in international aid and continue to save millions of children from preventable deaths.

14. It’s time for the UK to step up and lead the way.

15. Let’s end polio together, so that no more kids will have to die from it.

Points well made, Simpsons. Points well made. So don't be like #13 - take action NOW. Email Justine Greening and let her know that you want these kids to get the vaccines that could save their lives!


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Vaccinating the world with The Simpsons

By Paul Abernethy