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Demand Equity

Use Your Selfie to Make a Difference at the United Nations

After reading through, take the YouthSpeak survey and submit your visual petition for youth using the hashtag #showyourselfie.

We at Global Citizen have joined forces with AIESEC, one of the largest youth-led organization in the world, to express the opinions of young people through the #showyourselfie campaign and the YouthSpeak survey.

YouthSpeak is a global youth insight survey created by AIESEC with the mission to let the voices of young people be heard. When you take the survey, you create awareness and educate leaders on the key challenges and issues young people face today in achieving their fullest potential. YouthSpeak aims to empower young people to access a social community where they can express the way they see the world.

#Showyourselfie is a visual petition for youth. Every selfie collected will be presented to world leaders from 193 countries when they gather to discuss the future development agenda at the United Nations in September 2015. This agenda will determine government priorities for sustainable development for the next 15 years.

To change the world, young people need to participate collectively in the global decision making process at the United Nations. So how can you make a difference?

Join the global youth movement and make a difference with your voice and a selfie.



Millions of youth today are silenced and are never given a chance to voice their visions for society, such as how to improve education and employment in their communities. We need to inform decision makers on the change we wish to see in our communities and how they are willing to collaborate.

We can stay silent and wait for change, or speak up and create change. When you take the survey and #showyourselfie, you are able to speak up about what matters to YOU and the future YOU envision.

We need to send a powerful, visible message to decision-makers that as they plan our future, they must put young people in the spotlight.

How can you get involved?

1. Take the YouthSpeak Survey

2. Post your selfie with the issue you care about most #YouthSpeak #ShowYourSelfie

3. Suggested format: “I speak up for [issue] #YouthSpeak #ShowYourSelfie

Your selfies will be posted live on the front-page of!

For more information on AIESEC:

YouthSpeak: Survey:


For any queries please contact Karolina Piotrowska, Global VP Public Relations:


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