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Food & Hunger

Here's why we should leave #noonehungry


End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

The power of food. Congressman Jim McGovern is a champion in the fight to eradicate hunger and food insecurity. In addition to this video, check out a statement he released in support of World Food Day. 

In the video he states “every year the United States helps more than 45 million people get access to lifesaving and nutrition foods. In addition to reaching over 19 million households with training and assistance through Feed the Future food security and livelihood programs. We should all be proud.”

Proud indeed. These food programs are influencing countries throughout Africa and Asia. 

Congressman McGovern is passionate in his support of the Global Food Security Act of 2015, which will help partner countries as they develop their agricultural sectors. This will subsequently reduce hunger, poverty, and undernutrition. Through its programs, Feed the Future has helped 12.5 million children gain greater access to nutrition interventions that will ensure healthier and more productive lives. 

DDR projects for youth in ForobarangaImage: Flickr: UNAMID

I can’t argue with that! As global citizens, it’s our duty to ensure the US remains a leader on these issues. The passage of the Global Food Security Act will get us one step closer to achieving our goal of ending extreme hunger and overcoming poverty by 2030.