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United States leadership is key to achieving the Global Goals

On September 28th in Washington DC, the Global Poverty Project and the Better World Campaign hosted a reception on the United States’ role in achieving the Global Goals. As covered by my colleague Judith Rowland, this event was optimistic and celebratory.

Senator Bob Corker and Senator Ben Cardin eloquently spoke on the vital role the US must play in eliminating poverty and inequality by 2030.

Peter Yeo, President of the Better World Campaign, began the event by highlighting how the Global Goals reflect the bipartisanship leadership the US is showing by taking on this mission. “These goals will really force us to work together, stretch our resources, and measure collectively whether we achieve these goals. That type of focus is long overdue,” said Yeo.

Senator Ben Cardin is the leading Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a strong advocate for innovative assistance to promote global stability.

He is most passionate about Global Goal #16 which emphasizes peace and justice. Watch for yourself below as he acknowledges how corruption is a barrier to progress.

Cardin also ends with a thank you to all that I found very touching and meaningful. “We are well positioned to do incredible things to help people around the world. They may never know your names, but I tell you they have benefited from your work and that is the most noble service you can give to mankind."

Adding to Cardin’s powerful statements, Judith Rowland reiterated that “the goals represent a picture of the world that we want to live in and give to our children. And this is the world that many people in Congress are working so hard to create. Thanks in part to United States leadership more children are striving and thriving than ever before.” She reminded attendees of the hard work the Global Poverty Project and partners are doing to make the Global Goals famous.

Senator Bob Corker, the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee followed up with remarks on the momentum in Congress to support efforts to eliminate hunger and food insecurity. “You are going to see major steps in the House and the Senate to put in place reforms to ensure that the dollars we all work hard to create are used to keep people from starving and people from dying.” This is a major call to action for Congress to step up and take responsibility for passing legislation to aid those who are suffering from chronic hunger around the world. Interestingly, he also discusses the prevalence of slavery in our world today. It is an issue that we must eliminate immediately.

Senators Cardin and Corker are two exemplary leaders, advocating for a better world.

Tony Pipa, US Special Coordinator for the Post-2015 Development Agenda also addressed the audience to highlight how US leadership helped to shape the Global Goals. “We played a very active role in these negotiations to shape its outcome. The reason is simple – as President Obama said on during the adoption of the goals, ‘development works.’ It is a core pillar of US foreign policy, and we recognize that our investments in sustainable development around the world are investments in our own prosperity and security.”

As 2030 approaches, it is important that the US continues to encourage bipartisanship to achieve the Global Goals!