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WATCH: Shocking reactions to 6-year-old girl made to look ‘dirty’

In a new video that’s sure to pull at your heartstrings, Global Citizen partner UNICEF shows the unfairness that millions of children who lack access to basic human rights face each day.

In the video experiment, which has been viewed more than 24M times since it was posted late Monday night by NowThis, a child actor takes part in a social experiment.

The girl is first dressed nicely with combed hair and a clean dress coat. Then she’s remade to look homeless, with dirt on her face and mismatched, dirty clothes. She stands in a busy plaza in Tbilisi, Georgia, as if she’s abandoned while video cameras capture people’s reactions.

You can guess what happens next.

When she’s dressed well, people stop and ask her where her parents are. One man seems to offer to call for help or to reach her family.

When she looks more ragged, nobody stops to help her, or even look at her.

The experiment is repeated again in a restaurant setting, with even harsher results for Anano the second time around.

First, she comes into the restaurant nicely dressed. Her hair is pulled into a cute bun and she’s wearing a slick new coat. People caress her face as she meanders through tables in the busy lunch spot.

Then she appears in her dirty clothing. The result is heartbreaking. People in the restaurant literally shoo her away from their tables. One woman says nothing but grips her purse tighter. Another man says, “Go away. I don’t want to see you here anymore.”

The experiment ends as Anano runs out of the restaurant emotionally overcome and upset by the harsh reactions she experiences.

The question the video aims to answer is, “If you saw this little girl on the street, would you pass by?”

The video highlights this point so well, reminding each of us to be kind to every child. In the video it’s clear to see the harm caused by ignoring and treating Anano as second class. Sadly, invisibility and disadvantage are realities for too many children.

Millions of children are born into unfair situations they have no control over. This is a problem the world can solve by creating equal opportunity #ForEveryChild. Equal access to education, clean water, nutrition – these are just some of the areas with huge disparity between children born into wealthy and poor families.

Check out the State of the World’s Children, UNICEF’s new report to learn more about how equal opportunity for children is key to achieving the global goals.