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In London, Paris, Berlin, and Sydney this weekend, thousands of people took to the streets, unified in their protests against one policy: the United States’ new travel ban.

The worldwide reaction to Donald Trump’s ban on visitors from seven majority-Muslim countries and all refugees has been swift and loud. The ban was temporarily halted Friday night by a federal judge, a decision Trump criticized and appealed. But protesters around the world gathered this weekend anyway to show their support for immigrants and refugees on Saturday.

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Here is a look at those who dedicated their time and presence this weekend to remind the world: immigrants and refugees are welcome, here, and in the US.

London, United Kingdom: 

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Berlin, Germany: 

Paris, France:  

Sydney, Australia:

And further north, a local Canadian church slid in this sign:


Demand Equity

Thousands Around the World Are Protesting the US Travel Ban

By Meghan Werft