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Donald Trump Jr. Compared Skittles to Refugees, and People Are Outraged

Flickr, Javcon117

It’s been a few weeks since the most recent Donald Trump media scandal. Welcome to #SkittleGate.

Monday night, the US presidential candidate’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted a plagiarized quote from former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh, comparing refugees to poisoned Skittles.

Here's the tweet that started it all.

This quite immediately led to a predictable Twitter-fueled firestorm. People on both side of the aisle used the tweet as an opportunity to make political statements, while others used the hashtag #SkittlesWelcome to show openness to immigration. Still others took up fault with the grammar of Trump Jr.’s tweet. 

The image of Omran Daqneesh, which went viral earlier this summer, was evoked.

And then there's this.

Then, the inevitable backlash.

Read the hashtag yourself on Twitter (be ready for lots of vitriol from both sides of the aisle).

The best tweet of all, however, comes from Seth Abramovitch, a senior reporter at The Hollywood Reporter, who reached out to Skittles (a subsidiary of Wrigley) for a response to the meme.

To put things in perspective: in the day the Internet debated the dangers of Skittles, the U.N. general assembly convened in New York City to discuss the refugee and migrant crisis, another unarmed black U.S. citizen was shot by police on camera, and Americans spent almost $300,000 dollars on candy. But who’s counting?