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As President Donald Trump’s executive order took effect last Friday, scores of people from seven majority Muslim countries were blocked from entering the US. Thousands of US citizens showed up at airports across the country. Some were there to protest, others to share their message of support and simply say, “We welcome refugees.”

Their signs were and are a welcome respite amid the chaos Trump’s executed order continues to cause. For instance, a Jewish family stood in Virginia with signs reading, “Our Jewish family stands with Muslim refugees & Muslim Americans.”

Here are 17 signs from people who spent their Friday night standing up for refugees.

Washington Dulles International Airport 

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport  

Los Angeles International Airport 

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Portland International Airport, Oregon 

Philadelphia International Airport 

Chicago O'Hare International Airport 

Miami International Airport 

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport 

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 

And lastly, here is this encouraging butterfly.  


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17 Heartwarming Signs Welcoming Refugees in US Airports

By Meghan Werft