#Amal Clooney

  • Article: The Sun vs Women Everywhere: Round 1,567,982....

    The Sun vs Women Everywhere: Round 1,567,982...

    By James Hitchings-Hales|Sept. 30, 2016

    A never-ending saga. Read more

  • Article: UN report ISIS yazidi sex slavery genocide nadia

    UN reports ISIS sex slavery, murder, torture of Yazidi people as genocide

    By Meghan Werft|June 17, 2016

    Former sex slave, Nadia one step closer to justice. Read more

  • Article: amal clooney nadia sex slavery isis ICC

    Amal Clooney agrees to represent Nadia, ISIS sex slave, in international court

    By Meghan Werft|June 9, 2016

    "Amal gave me renewed hope by being my voice,” said Nadia. Read more