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Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Adaptive: Tommy Hilfiger’s Line for People With Disabilities

Fashion isn’t just about how clothing looks, it’s about how it makes you feel — and the goal of Tommy Hilfiger’s new Adaptive clothing line is to make people with disabilities feel empowered.

On Tuesday, the company launched its Spring 2018 Adaptive collection, the latest season of clothing that Hilfiger has created with the nonprofit Runway of Dreams, which aims to make fashion more accessible to people with disabilities.

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Hilfiger and Runway of Dreams produced their first collection of adaptive clothing, a children’s line, back in 2016, which was inspired by Runway of Dreams founder Mindy Scheier’s son who was born with muscular dystrophy, according to Buzzfeed. The launch of the collection marked “the first time a global fashion brand featured apparel to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities,” according to the company.

"Tommy Adaptive's mission is to be inclusive and empower people of all abilities to express themselves through fashion," the company said in a press release.

The new Adaptive collection features details like magnetic buttons, pant hems that can be adjusted to accommodate prosthetics, and braces to make it easier for differently-abled people to dress and style themselves.

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The new collection was launched with an ad campaign that features influential figures from the differently-abled, including dancer Chelsie Hill, blogger and activist Mama Cax, and Paralympian Jeremy Campbell hill.

The brand incorporated feedback from people with disabilities to make sure this season’s clothing was even better than the previous collection, Elle reported.

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