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Girls & Women

This Mothers Day celebrate #WhatIsPossible for girls and women everywhere

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Growing up, every Mother's Day, without fail, my mom would take the opportunity to tell me and my younger brothers the stories of our birth. With details. Very, graphic details. 

More often than not, these stories would just make me think about how embarrassing my mom is and how I wished she would maybe leave the childbirth stories until after we’d eaten dinner. 

What I wouldn’t normally think about was how lucky my mum was. Lucky to give birth in a clean, safe hospital. Lucky to have my dad by her side, ice chips at the ready, and a kind helpful nurse to whisk me up and clean me off and put a little pink hat on my head. 

I watch a lot of videos online, and to be perfectly honest most of them are of cats or people falling over. But this video for the Every Mother Counts campaign really made me stop and think. Every day 800 women and girls lose their lives to pregnancy and childbirth related complications. Every single day, something that is meant to be so full of happiness, joy and nappies, leads to the end of someone’s life. And the worst part of it is that up to 98% of these deaths are preventable.

What Is Possible from Every Mother Counts on Vimeo.

Every Mother Counts have started the hashtag #WhatIsPossible to encourage people to look at the future of maternal healthcare. They are addressing the three major problems associated with maternal health care - lack of transportation, education and supplies - and trying to make things better. 

If this video’s effected you in any way, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and keep asking yourself #WhatIsPossible.What if it was possible to provide critical maternal healthcare for everyone? What if it was possible for every mom to be able to tell their child the story of their birth on Mother's Day? What if it was possible, that this Mother's Day, instead of just buying flowers or a card, you could actually make a difference?

You can by joining Global Citizen. And you can get everyone involved by sharing this video and helping mothers around the world.