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Girls & Women

This is girl power

We all know that girls can do just about anything. But THESE girls? Their level of responsibility will blow you away, and their stories of strength inspire you.

At just 13 years old, Solo carries her own body weight in water. She does this every day up the steep and difficult terrain or rural Madagascar.

Rihanata? Her morning starts by walking for miles to collect water. She fills SIXTEEN jerry cans with water, then brings them home to leave for school—all before 6:30am.

And in India, you will find Kajal. Every day, her most private act happens in the most public of places. She tries hard to ignore the men who harass her when she goes to the bathroom outside, but she has no choice—there are no toilets in her village.

These girls are strong. Really strong. But just because these girls have the strength to do these things, does it mean that they should have to?

I believe girls were born for more than this.

Solo, Rihanata and Kajal represent some of the untapped potential of 748 million people still living without safe water, and 2.5 billion people who do not have access to a clean, adequate toilet.

It’s time to change this story. Please share this video and help me spread the good news: we can save girls 152 million hours. Every day.

By building safe, clean water sources and toilets near their homes, we can help them put the hours spent collecting water for their families back into education – and empower them to change the future of their entire community.

That’s girl power.

Written by Joélle Azoulay