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This 11 year old boy with HIV can cheer you up

I don't blame you if you're feeling a bit more glum than normal about the state of the world; it's been a tough week. But chin up, because lots of good things are still happening, and here's one of them.

11 year old Elijah-Zachary was born with HIV in Kenya. His health problems were making it tough for him to regularly attend school, and the other kids weren't including him. Check out the video to see the really good thing that happened next.

By being in school, Elijah-Zachary had access to a mentor who has totally changed his life, and his future prospects are looking good. That's what the power of education can do for kids, particularly ones who are facing an uphill battle in other areas of their lives.

The Global Partnership for Education is doing a fantastic job of extending education opportunities to kids in some of the hardest to reach places - they're aiming to get 29 million kids learning at school during the 2015-18 period. Check them out here!


Michael Wilson