The world is arguing about what to do with the millions of refugees fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq and North Africa. Leaders are debating the financial cost, the security threats and the social impact of absorbing these people. The debate ranges from the practical to the absurd. And into this chaos comes the wisdom of children--seriously.

Children in Canada are doing what so many of the world’s leaders are finding difficult, they are welcoming refugees to their new homes. In the video above from World Vision Canada, children open their hearts and send messages of compassion to refugees. This diverse set of Canadian children should be a counter-balance to the vitriol and hate spewed by too many around the world.

Refugees are victims. They are oftentimes running from violence and extremism. The last thing that should happen is a wholesale rejection of their humanity. To end this cycle of hate and give people the security to prosper, and thus avoid the trap of poverty, the world must follow the lead of these kids.

Watch them and help spread their message to the world, saying with one voice to the refugees: welcome to safety.


Demand Equity

These kids have the perfect response to the refugee crisis

By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer