Last Friday, Global Citizen attended Career Day at M.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology in the South Bronx. Speaking with the students about what they think it means to be a global citizen, we were reminded of the promise of our premise-- that anyone can be a Global Citizen. All it takes is the initiative to take action and work for positive change. Whether global citizens address problems in their own backyard or make education more accessible across oceans, all global citizens share a common drive for a better, more equitable world.

M.S. 223 is a school brimming with resilience. Under the leadership of Principal Gonzalez, the South Bronx school is committed to empowering students through accessible education and experiential learning.

Global Citizen asked the students of the Lab School of Finance and Tech to share their experiences as global citizens and reasons for why they believe that education is important. Here are some of our favorites:

Image: Annika Reno- content by Alondra

Image: Annika Reno- content by Yusuf

Image: Annika Reno- content by Jordan

Image: Annika Reno- content by Ivan

With extended day programming and summer arts institutes, M.S. 223 and Areté Education, Inc. are working together to ensure that every student is given equal opportunity to not just learn in a traditional classroom setting but also receive fulfilling extracurricular activities. One of these experiences is Career Day-- a chance for students to learn about a wide range of possibilities that come with educational opportunity.

At the Lab School of Finance and Tech’s Career Day, it became clear that having a career pinned down early on isn’t necessary. Education empowers global citizens to address the world’s greatest problems. The job title will come later, but until then it’s about learning, exploring and finding ways to create positive change.

As Global Citizens, the students of M.S. 223 are true visionaries for our world’s future. Reflecting on our conversations, it’s hard to doubt our collective potential to achieve a world in which everyone can go to school.  

Image: Annika Reno


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These Bronx students share what it means to be a global citizen

By Annika Reno