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There's an app for that! -fighting infant mortality and malaria in Uganda

Innovation and technology are incredible. New apps that change the world are created daily. From apps that connect billions of people like Snapchat to an app that adds cats to pictures and painting--there is an app for everything (literally). If there isn't an app for it yet--you can bet someone is working on it.

That's the case in Uganda. In this video from our partner Take Part, Joshua Othello created an app that allows expecting mothers to hear babies' heartbeats.This app is revolutionary in Uganda because it can decrease infant mortality. Doctors and nurses in clinics can see and hear the fetus during pregnancy, and show pregnant women the health of the fetus as well. In this video, an expectant mother goes to a clinic after falling at home to check the health of her future child. Hearing the heartbeat gives her confidence about the pregnancy.

If you agree that women deserve robust maternal care, TAKE ACTION NOW by signing a petition that ensures children and mothers everywhere have a safer future.

Matibabu, created by Joshua Bisinge and Brian Gitta in rural Uganda, tests for malaria with no needles. Even as an adult, I welcome this change. I’m sure children are even more happy about this one. The app is still in the works but uses light sensors to detect red blood cells that carry malaria.

Innovators in Uganda say that the hardest part is finance and “mindset” (check out 3:52). Innovators like Othello are challenging ideas and letting the world know that great technology can come from anywhere. Investing in entrepreneurs in developing countries is key to ending poverty.