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The READ Act Was Just Introduced in the House of Representatives!


The United States House of Representatives is moving quickly in the new year to prioritize global education, introducing the Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development Act, or READ Act (H.R. 601). The bill aims to help the 263 million out of school youth and adolescents around the world access quality education.

And, tomorrow, the READ Act is scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives!

Global Citizens know that receiving quality education can lead to better health outcomes, greater earning potentials and more stable societies. It provides individuals with the tools to better their lives, as well as their community, helping to address the devastating threat of extreme poverty.


Specifically, the READ Act is intended to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of US assistance dollars, providing the most bang for our buck. It introduces an accountability and transparency framework so that the US Congress and public can see exactly where our assistance is directed, and how much it is helping. Additionally it provides a structure for the prioritization of our assistance directing our aid to the populations in the greatest need.

The bill was introduced hours ago by Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA), who teamed up last year to introduce a similar piece of legislation, the Education for All Act.

Not sparing any time, House leadership has also scheduled the bill for a vote in the House of Representatives under suspension of the rules.

Let’s let the US Congress know that Global Citizens overwhelmingly support this legislation. Our world’s future generations depend on it! 

Sign the petition today and support the passage of the READ Act!