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The People’s Report Card is your way to track progress on the Global Goals

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Global citizens need a way of holding governments to account for the commitments they have made. The People’s Report Card identifies how far the world has come and what humanity has to do, for everyone to achieve the Global Goals. This is a great ambition, and fundamental to it will be making sure that all involved in achieving the 17 goals take the actions needed.

The People’s Report Card makes the goals measurable, so that every global citizen can track the progress, or lack of it, from here to 2030.

The People’s Report Card is powered by the Social Progress Index, which provides a detailed reading of how the world is performing against the Global Goals. The world today scores a C minus; the promise of the Global Goals is to get to an A grade by 2030.

You might well ask “so how's my country doing?”—that's the next step. The People's Report Card will be applied to every nation—racking the Global Goals each year to see how the world—and your country—is performing.

Good intentions will not deliver the Global Goals. That will take targeted actions based on precise data, right across the range of the Global Goals. Economic growth alone is not enough—the world has to make sure that resources are focused on nutrition, water, housing, electricity, education, infant mortality—all the targets that have to be hit if we are to conquer poverty. The People’s Report Card will help to show the way to the Goals, country by country, offering realistic targets for achievement. And it gives the people the means to watch over their leaders and hold them to their commitments.

The People’s Report Card is a way for you to ensure that the world lives up to the promise of the Global Goals.

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This article was written by Michael Green in support of the Social Progress Initiative.