I believe that 1 BILLION PEOPLE continuing to live in extreme poverty is AN AFFRONT TO OUR COMMON DIGNITY.

That it is unfair, unjust and unnecessary.

I know that EXTREME POVERTY CAN BE ENDED FOREVER BY 2030 – and I am committed to doing everything in my power to make that happen.

Extreme poverty has plummeted thanks to human ingenuity. We’ve PUSHED BACK DISEASE, OVERCOME IGNORANCE, and seen the power of potential unleashed when everyone, everywhere has the chance to thrive.

ALL OF US HAVE A ROLE, AND I AM COMMITTED TO PLAYING MY PARTto change the systems and policies that keep people poor. 

I will campaign as part of a movement, to ensure GOVERNMENTS, BUSINESSES, CHARITIES, AND INDIVIDUALS ALL PLAY THEIR ROLE  – because none of aid, trade nor charity can do this alone. 

I know that this path is long and hard.  I know that sometimes we will fall and fail. I know that not all campaigns will win, nor all policies work, but my commitment will not waver.

Who am I?

I am a Global Citizen.


Demand Equity

The Global Citizen Manifesto